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We can provide a wide range of catering menus and options to fit every occasion or event including weddings to corporate events.


With over 25 years in the food service industry, our team is professional and experienced with a range of catering needs.

Always Fresh

Miss Crumpy’s takes pride in providing the best and freshest options when preparing our food for our customers and clients.

flavorful and cooked just right…

Miss Crumpy’s has taken the experiences learned from cooking in her father’s restaurants to her own food service company today. She ensures to put quality as a priority, knowing that the food she cooks for customers is what makes the difference in loving her brand, as well as word of mouth referrals for future opportunities.

Freda Crump - Miss Crumpy's Hot Wings
Miss Crumpy's Hot Wings Food Truck

food truck

Check out our social media pages for our upcoming food truck schedules around the Memphis area! Want to book our food truck for your next event? Contact us today!

Miss Crumpy's Catering


Miss Crumpy’s Catering Division will deliver and execute your event’s details at a high level of excellence.  We will partner with you to make your event successful.

Miss Crumpy's HotWings and More

The Best In WINGS & MORE

Miss Crumpy’s is led by founder, Freda Crump, who has more than 25 years of cooking experience. Her experience began at her father’s soul food restaurant in 1991, that is still thriving and is known for some of the best wings in the Memphis area….

Freda Crump - Miss Crumpy's Hot Wings

product development

The Miss Crumpy’s Food Product development division helps develop and promote food products at all stages of the product lifecycle. We perform everything from outlining a product’s concept, establishing regulations, and working to develop the product through the launch. In our Circle of Creation,” everyone will have the chance to implement the optimal marketing and product plan within the context of that strategy. 



“If you have not had any of Miss Crumpy’s food you are MISSING OUT! Her food, especially the wings, are always consistently great which is often hard to find! I find myself trying to find her food truck schedule around town just to satisfy my cravings! I highly recommend her for your next event, just give her and her team a try: you won’t regret it!”

Well, Let me get this started! The reason that I started to order the meal prep is because…..First of all it’s convenient! All I have to do is get it out the fridge before rushing out the house. Another reason is that its Healthy! It fit right in with my meals from my trainer. Another reason is that the meals are DELIOUS! Its like a Party In My Mouth! Lawd Hamercy! Sometimes when it really hit me and I can’t BELIEVE that Freda and Ron prepared it! I have to IMMEDIATELY call them or post on FB how good it REALLY is! Sometimes its so good…I think I”m cheating and I have to call Freda to verify if I am or NOT! Baaby! If you aint Food Prepping …You Slipping! LOL

I started trying Miss Crumpy’s when a close friend of mine started dropping major pounds. I knew that I was need of a healthier tasty meal plan myself. So, I tried it and fell in love. Especially, my favorite meals Lima beans and turkey, buffalo chicken soup, red beans and rice and my favorite of all watermelon steak. But the chicken and pineapple are awesome itself. The crustlezz pizza keep me on my toes, and the Buffalo chicken dip with celery hits the spot every time. But my reason is getting my mom back on track to portion sizes. She lost over 30 pounds eating Ms. Crympy meals on her fixed income. She fall in love with the variety of hot and cold selection. Ms. Crumpys has been a blessing to all Individuals that have eaten or even trying to lose weight, eat healthier,, or just have foods planned for the week.. She was heaven sent for me. I have maintained my weight lost, and now I going full grind mode when I incorporate exercise. She is sweetiest Individuals that actual cares about serving great and scrumptious food!

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